Unser ehemaliger Studienkollege und begnadeter Illustrator Klaas van Kreis beendet nun seine Zeit an der Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig mit einem sehr schönen illustrierten Musikvideo für Ben Riddle.

Hier ein paar Worte von Klaas van Kreis selbst zu seinem Projekt:

»For my master’s thesis I’ve spent 10 month working on a 3 min long, hand drawn animation for the australian-born folk musician Ben Riddle. Ben and I met through the »Songs-and-Whispers«-network in Bremen in 2012. About a year later we met again on one of his concerts, and decided to start a collaborative work. He was looking for someone to make him a music video, and it so happens that this was my prime focus during my studies.«

»The animation tells the story of Pepper and Nicolas, a young married couple, living in a long distance relationship of a special kind. While she’s living on a space colony on a distant deserted planet, he’s living on a scientific space exploration vessel in the planets orbit. With their 10th wedding anniversary approaching, both characters beginn an adventurous journey, in order to get closer to each other.«

Wir können euch einen Blick in das Video nur empfehlen, aber beinah genauso sehr das Making-of dazu.